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General Information

Who are the culinary workshops for?

For young people from 12 to 17 years old from the following environments: secondary schools, youth centers, and youth homes. To learn more about our programs, click HERE

What are your different culinary programs?

We have two main programs: Kitchen Brigades and Cook Up Your Future. To find out more, click HERE.

How do I sign up my establishment to one of your programs?

Learn more about our culinary programs then contact to get more details.

I am a chef / cook and I’d like to be part of your culinary workshops. How can I get involved?

You must send your CV If you meet the job requirements, you will be contacted or added to our bank of chef candidates depending on our needs. All of our chefs must master basic culinary techniques and be comfortable leading a group of young people.

How do I register as a participant in the culinary workshops?

Our workshops are offered in secondary schools, youth centers and youth homes. If you belong to one of these establishments, you can speak with the person in charge of the activities there.

The Kitchen Brigades

What is the Kitchen Brigades program?

The Kitchen Brigades program is an extracurricular activity offered in more than two hundred high schools across Canada. It consists of around twenty practical culinary workshops, led by a chef-trainer. It aims to support young people in adopting healthy eating habits and developing their food autonomy, team spirit and creativity, while showing them the pleasure of cooking. The weekly workshops last from 1.5 to 2 hours and can be offered to about 20 students. The program also includes three thematic challenges: social, cultural and creative! For more information, visit the La Tablée des Chefs website.

Is it possible to offer the Culinary Brigades program to a closed group during school hours?

The program is designed to be implemented as an extracurricular activity, in particular because a time slot of at least 1.5 hours must be allocated to this activity. In some special cases, it is possible to implement it in a different format. Contact us to find out about the possibilities.

How many youth can join the Kitchen Brigades group? How should I select them?

A Kitchen Brigades group must be composed of 16 students to 25 students. The group is then divided into brigades of 4 or 5 students. The number of teams that can be registered depends on your kitchen space. Each team must have access to a minimum of 2 cooking rings, 1 rack in the oven and 1 workstation.

This program is aimed at motivated young people aged 12 to 17 who have cooking skills. An interest form is available to help you select your youth.

Do I have to have a fully equipped kitchen to run the program?

No. The school must ensure that the room has a minimum of 2 ovens (8 cooking rings and 4 racks), a refrigerated space, and an area for storing dry food. An inventory of basic kitchen tools (eg: frying pans, bowls, whisks, etc.) is also necessary. For the list of necessary equipment, contact us. La Tablée des Chefs can support new establishments in acquiring kitchen equipment. Contact us to know the terms of the loan of equipment

Who runs the culinary workshops?

La Tablée des Chefs hires a chef-trainer responsible for purchasing ingredients as well as facilitating weekly workshops. The training and remuneration of the chef-trainer is taken care of by La Tablée des Chefs. However, the school must appoint at least one member of the school staff to oversee the implementation of the program. At least one chaperone must be present during each workshop to support the chef in addition to monitoring attendance, challenges and other related tasks. The workload is estimated at around 70 hours for the full year, including workshop attendance.

How much does the program cost? What’s included in the price?

The program is valued at $12,000 per group. Since La Tablée des Chefs works with several financial partners, the annual cost for a school is $2,000. This amount includes the chef's remuneration, food for the workshops, aprons and recipe books for each student, an implementation guide for school officials, participation in inter-school competitions (available in Quebec only) and support from the La Tablée des Chefs coordination team. For private schools, contact us to find out how to register.

How does scoring throughout the year work?

For the majority of workshops, 2 points are allocated within the group; one point to the brigade that stood out according to the criteria of the workshop (eg: visual presentation, cutting techniques, etc.) and one point to the brigade that best answered the quiz question. During the 3 challenges, each brigade is evaluated individually according to an evaluation grid. These challenges allow each team to accumulate up to 48 points. The brigades that have accumulated the most points at the end of the year will be declared the winner and may participate in inter-school competitions.

How do inter-school competitions work?

The brigade having accumulated the most points at the end of the year is declared the winner and can participate in the inter-school competitions. Competitions are offered to all schools, but are optional. The best brigades in the region compete in a culinary competition inspired by the third challenge. At the end of several levels of competition, the 5 best brigades meet in the national final, moderated by Ricardo. A jury of top chefs determines the winning brigade of the year!

Cook Up your Future

What is the Cook Up Your Future program?

Cook Your Future (CTA) is a culinary education program for young people with special life challenges. The aim is to acquire the tools necessary for their food autonomy. The CUYF program can be offered in two different ways: directly to young people from youth centers, in their environment and with the support of their educators, or directly in schools for youth with an atypical educational background.

The Cook Up Your Future workshops introduce adolescents aged 16 to 19 to cooking and healthy eating. The workshops, lasting around 2.5 hours, help develop culinary autonomy for young people. This modular type program includes 20 workshops divided into 4 blocks. Each block represents a specific season (summer, fall, winter and spring) and the recipes in each block highlight seasonal foods.

As this program is intended for a clientele that is more vulnerable and at risk of dropping out of school, La Tablée des Chefs wanted to extend the scope of the program outside of youth centers by also deploying it in secondary schools. The program of 20 workshops is then offered in a single block to groups who do not follow a regular path. The workshops, lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours, present simple, accessible and very economical recipes. They are based on the principles of healthy eating and balanced cooking, as defined by Canada's new food guide. The goal is always to instill the pleasure of cooking!

Can I register on the platform as a supervisor or as a chef for the Cook Up Your Future group?

This is not possible, please communicate with the team to obtain more information. 

Using the plateform

How do I access my account?

If you already have an account, click on "Login" in the menu at the top right. If you do not have an account yet, click on "Register" at the top right, then select your profile.

Can I find the recipes for the culinary workshops?

The recipes and documentation of the current program are accessible only to those registered. However, you will find several recipes on the La Tablée des Chefs website.

What is the platform for?

The platform gives access to the culinary program documentation for those responsible for the registered establishments as well as for the chef-trainers. It allows you to manage student registrations, attendance and scoring when applicable.

How do I reset my password?

Click on "Login" in the menu at the top right, then on "Forgotten password" at the bottom of the square. Follow the instructions.

How do I modify my profile?

Go to the “Profile” section, located at the top right. Edit the information you want to change. The changes are saved automatically. To change an affiliated establishment or a session, contact your coordinator.

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to the “Profile” section, located at the top right. Scroll to the bottom of the page to delete your account. To delete the account of a person at your institution who has left their role, contact your coordinator.